Encouraging positive outcomes for chronically, acutely, mentally or physically ill or pregnant students, their families and local education systems 

Parents of Students with Health Needs

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We support PGCPS.


"We are focused on working in partnership with the Prince George’s County Public Schools, so that we can both accomplish our goal of better outcomes for students with healthcare needs."  

--Lisa Brooks-Wilkins

Our services benefit PGCPS:

  • Support Systems for Parents 

  • A positive space for parents to hear from staff

  • Non-confrontational parent support in meetings (when requested)

  • Information for Parents (through www.ParentsofStudentswithHealthNeeds.org and meetings)

  • Support for the programs (better communication, advocating alongside the staff, for the good of the programs)

All These Services Lead to:


  • More efficiency (Resolve problems early, families utilize PGCPS services more efficiently, more productive meetings)

  • Retaining highly qualified staff (Parents are easier to work with when they are less stressed.)

  • Strengthened community-school partnerships

  • Higher graduation rates (More students stay in school or transition successfully back into school.)

  • Increased logistical/technical support and funding for HHT and Health Services

  • A more positive image of the school system in our county

  • Smaller gaps in achievement among the subgroups (Ill or pregnant students will be more supported, and thus more able to achieve academically. As their performance improves, so does that of the student's particular subgroups.)

  • Strengthened educational outcomes for these students and their schools

We Help PGCPS Met its Goals.


  • PGCPS' stated desire  stated desire to "innovate and embrace changes that are necessary, and maintain accountability for the success of every student in realizing their immense potential to achieve" 

  • PGCPS core beliefs:

      -- Children are our business, and they come first.

      -- Parents are our partners.

      -- Continuous improvement in teaching, leadership, and accountability is the key to our success.

      -- Every member of the Prince George’s County community shares in the responsibility for successful schools.
  • PGCPS strategic goals:

      -- Ensure that all students graduate college and career ready.

      -- Develop and maintain a highly effective workforce.

      -- Strengthen connections with constituents and stakeholders (family, school, business and community relationships).

      --Exercise strong stewardship in the delivery of high quality services to PGCPS customers.

      -- Improve management effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability.