Encouraging positive outcomes for chronically, acutely, mentally or physically ill or pregnant students, their families and local education systems 

Parents of Students with Health Needs

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Beth McCracken-Harness

Beth McCracken-Harness is the parent of a child who received home and hospital services for about 3 years. He is much better now, so she has the time and energy to invest in starting Parents of Students with Health Needs with Lisa Brooks-Wilkins.

Here are some blogs she has written. They were originally posted on MarylandCAN.org and are re-posted in this website with their permission:

How to Advocate for Chronically Ill Students

How to Exercise Your Parental Rights in Public Schools

Working Together to Bring Change

Other Blogs (Click on Beth McCracken-Harness in the left column.)

Leadership Roles in these PGCPS parent groups and campaigns:

PTA of Spellman Elementary School: Board Member (2003-04), President (2004-2005)

Successful effort to keep Oakcrest Elementary School open (2007-08)

Led successful effort to keep local children in the TAG Center Boundary of Kenmoor Middle School (2011-12)

PGTAG: Board Member (2010-12), President (2012-13)

Training and Credentials: BA in Elementary Education, MA in Religion, Ordained in Church of God (headquartered in Anderson, Ind.), Understanding IEPs, Wrights Law Training

Linked-in Account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bethmccrackenharness