Encouraging positive outcomes for chronically, acutely, mentally or physically ill or pregnant students, their families and local education systems 

Parents of Students with Health Needs

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About Us

Supporting families of students struggling with medical conditions 

(including illnesses, injuries, complex medical needs and pregnancy)


Parents of Students with Healthcare Needs (originally called PIPS) unites, supports and encourages positive outcomes for all students with healthcare needs that impact their education. This includes chronically, acutely, mentally and physically ill students, as well as those who are pregnant or parenting).


1) Support parents and care-givers of students with medical conditions (including pregnant/parenting teens).

2) Bring about better outcomes for students with health or pregnancy-related issues--in collaboration with local educational agencies (LEAs).

3) To encourage the development and support the progression of local PSHN parent groups.


Parents of Students with Healthcare Needs (PSHN)  is an initiative of DREAM Corp. PSHN is a network of parent groups. It provides resources and support for sister parent groups like Prince George's County Parents of Students with Health Needs. 

In the Press

Our Founders

Lisa Brooks-Wilkins and Beth McCracken-Harness are co-founders and co-presidents of Parents of Students with Healthcare Needs (originally called PIPS) . They both had seriously ill children, and dealt with doctors and medical bills. At the same time, they worried about their children missing critical instruction in school. Without knowing about each other, both of them started organizations to make things better for families with ill or pregnant students. They found each other and started Parents of Students with Healthcare Needs.